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Let's put on a show!

  • 2-3 days of workshops and training

  • 2 weeks rehearsal period

  • 50 minutes performance as a result

  • 2-3 nights'  London run

Are you an adult with a desire to perform on stage but no experience?

Our Masterskaya Drama School invites you to take the leap with us. Our teaching method involves staging a full performance and putting on a short run of shows.

Don't just dream of performing, do it! Join us and discover what you are capable of. No experience necessary, just a willingness to learn and take on a new challenge.

We look forward to seeing you on stage!


A London based graduate of the top Russian theatre actor training school  (GITIS/RATI), Konstantin Kamenski, will teach acting workshops and rehearsals that will culminate in a public run for friends and performing arts practitioners. 


Konstantin Kamenski also studied and taught in renowned institutions of the English-speaking world including some of the great British and International acting schools:  Royal Central School of Speech and Drama,  Goldsmiths University of London and Tel Aviv Drama School.


Casework: The Swans

A comedy after Michel Or's play. Premiered on 20, 21 and 22 of May at EtCetera Theatre, London

"The Swans" is a fringe show that features an amateur actress, Anastasia U, who rehearsed and performed the full-length play in a successful three-night run. The show was an experiment to test the ability of a non-professional actor, and it proved to be a success as it sold out and was appreciated by audiences. This unique and intimate production showcases the talent and dedication of one performer, offering a memorable and compelling theatrical experience.

Production photos by Natalia Kolosova

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